Does This Bikini Model Look Like She’s A Plus Size To You? Outrage Over Her Ad Is Growing

Women of all sizes took to social media this week to express their anger at clothing retailer Boohoo for using models that were not heavy enough to advertise a plus size swimsuit.

“Anyone else majorly offended that this is a ‘plus size’ bikini on a ‘plus size’ model?!?! no wonder girls think they are ‘fat,'” Twitter user @suzziiee_main tweeted to get the complaints started.

Anyone else majorly offended that this is a ‘plus size’ bikini on a ‘plus size’ model?!?!😱😤 no wonder girls think they are ‘fat’. #boohoo

— Suz✨💅🏼 (@suzziiee_main) July 25, 2017

She was quickly followed by like minded tweeters who shared her outrage.

i am fuming. i’ve been reduced to tears. i am really hurt by this. hopefully they fix it😕

— CJ (@cjwwfc) July 27, 2017

Makes me so angry!! 😤😤

— Adelle Carson (@adellexcarson) July 25, 2017

this is ridiculous 😒 so bloody infuriating

— Miss Ditzy (@MissDitzyD) July 26, 2017

This needs to be heard by everyone! It’s so awful for young girls growing up these days 💔💔💔

— GracefulBlog (@gracefulblogcom) July 26, 2017

The perpetuation of ‘ideals’ has gone beyond crazy! I worry deeply 4todays youth! Call me naive but whats wrong with using ‘real’ ppl!

— Aisha Esat (@AishaRuby85) July 27, 2017

I hate seeing her! She’s got such a small figure!!! Not plus size at all!

— Beth (@bethanlouux) July 26, 2017

The model deemed not fat enough by these angry shoppers was not the only plus sized model in the news.

Plus sized model Tess Holiday was attacked by an Internet troll for being “fat” on her Depop shop where she sells her own clothes.

This week has been stressful & exhausting but nothing some cute accessories & a date night can’t fix. Ya feel me? 👼🏻Beret @sunshinebyhester Earrings @reverefolie ☁️✨#effyourbeautystandards ☁️✨

A post shared by Plus Model • Mom • Feminist🌹 (@tessholliday) on

Depop user jt795847 unleashed a torrent of insults at the 32-year-old mother of two, calling her a “fat f**k,” among other insults.


Holiday shared the insults on her Instagram and used it as a way to promote her shop.

“If you’ve ever wanted to shop my closet, now you can,” she wrote. “Hope you are a fan of what I’m gettin rid of as much as this turd!”

She later added that he had his account deleted.

“His shop was deleted, so this fat f*** wins.”

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