Charity Is Set For Fourth Marriage But I\'m Happy With My Life As It Is, Says Emmerdale\'s Emma Atkins

ELIZABETH TAYLOR did it eight times and for Zsa Zsa Gabor, nine was fine. One wedding is never enough for some women - just look at Emmerdale's feisty Charity Tate.

She's not quite achieved the notoriety of the best-known serial brides yet, but with her fourth trot down the aisle this week, she's certainly getting there.

Dress No.4, a slinky cerise body-con number, is far from traditional, but then so is her groom, Cain Dingle.

Actress Emma Atkins, 34, who plays the gobby gold-digger said: "It's what you'd expect from Charity, she's wearing more of a belt than a dress really. It captures the essence of her though. It will certainly grab everyone's attention."

While she's tried on countless wedding dresses for her on-screen nuptials, Emma's not in any rush to walk down the aisle for real.

She prefers not to reveal the name of her boyfriend but does admit she's been happily living with him in London for the past four years.

Are wedding bells on the cards? "It's something I definitely want to do," she says. "Right now we're fine going along as we are. I would never propose like Charity did."

The idea of becoming a mum is also something that appeals, although she's in no rush for that either.

She adds: "I'm in no hurry to be honest but I've always been broody. From being a small child I have always loved mothering children and being around babies and kids."

Back on Emmerdale, Charity and Cain's path to the register office has hardly been the stuff of fairytales.

The kissing cousins - yes, it's okay for cousins to marry in Soapland - have had an on-off fling for decades resulting in lots of arguments, the odd fist fight and even a love child, Debbie Dingle.

Although in the end it was Charity who popped the question on Christmas Day, their happiness didn't last for long and the pair spectacularly fell out after one of Cain's scams saw Charity and her son Noah caught up in the crossfire.

Although not even on speaking terms with his bride-to-be, Cain springs a surprise wedding on an unsuspecting Charity this week.

And in an explosive double-bill on Thursday we'll find out whether she agrees to say "I Do".

Emma says: "Charity is furious when she finds out about his plans. The whole of the Dingle clan are in on it and have managed to get her to the register office without her knowing why.

"Debbie brings her dress and expects her mum to get ready in the office toilets- it's not very bridal at all.

"But Charity and Cain have always had this attraction so it remains to be seen whether she forgives him and decides to go through with it.

"It would be more than my job's worth to reveal what her decision is..."

Emma joined Emmerdale in 2000 in her first job from university and her portrayal of serial scammer Charity soon made other soap bitches look like Mary Poppins. From day one maneater Charity was a soap scriptwriter's dream. The former prostitute married rich tycoon Chris Tate, who then killed himself when he found out she was having an affair with Cain.

Other highlights include a lesbian affair with her sister-in-law Zoe and a dramatic exit in 2005 after her wedding to sugar daddy millionaire Tom King was foiled by jealous Sadie.

Emma took nearly five years out from the soap, concentrating mainly on theatre work and had roles in Doctors, Heartbeat, Casualty and Dalziel And Pasco among others.

But she's always been refreshingly candid about her times as a jobbing actress.

She says: "Being a jobbing actress, you're not always in work and when you're out of work you have to fill in the gaps and keep yourself busy. Every actor experiences it at some point.

"I think it's important to appreciate what you've got when you have it, but when you haven't, not to feel bitter about it. You've got to keep everything in perspective."

When the chance came to rejoin the soap last year she jumped at it and her contract has since been extended from six months to a year.

She says: "I'm really loving being back. I was so worried at first that I'd lost what Charity was all about but after a few days on set I found that she was definitely still in there. I've had some cracking storylines and it's great to be back with my old sparring partner Jeff Hordley, who plays Cain. Some of the arguments Cain and Charity have are just fantastic and we have great fun playing the characters."

Being back on the Emmerdale set has seen Emma reunited with Charley Webb, who plays her daughter Debbie.

Charley was just 16 when Emma left the soap but was all grown up at 21 when she returned. The young actress immediately turned mother hen and looked after her on her return to the set.

Those maternal instincts will come in handy when Charley and co-star Matthew Wolfenden, who pays David Metcalf, have their first child later this month.

Emma says: "She's going to make the best mum ever. I've seen her adoring children from when she was 14 so I know she'll be fantastic with her own.

"She's got this natural nurturing instinct. She was so sweet to me on my first day back, sticking to me like glue and making sure I was all right and running lines with me over and over."

On her weekends off back at home in London Emma likes to keep it low key and prefers the company of her friends to showbiz parties.

"It's not really part of my life," she says. "I'm happier at home just cooking and having a bottle of wine to relax."

Her wardrobe is pretty different to her on-screen garb too. She prefers jeans and trainers to Charity's more revealing outfits, but she still looks fabulous. She doesn't work out much and likes to cycle.

She says: "I've said goodbye to the car more or less and in London I cycle everywhere. I wish I was a little fitter but when I'm on the bike it does keep me in shape. Having to wear Charity's tight-fitting outfits also keeps me on my toes."

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