Buying Guns: No Questions Asked

A hidden camera investigation demonstrates how easy it is to buy guns at gun shows without giving identification. CNN's Martin Savidge explains the results of the undercover report.

Background checks are not required for private sales, but the seller is legally obligated to check the buyer's ID to verify that person is not from out-of-state.

The CNN crew that visited Tennessee, South Carolina and Georgia was able to purchase several weapons without having to prove residency or fill out paperwork, but not in every interaction with a seller. In once instance, a seller tells our producer that he got a gun "off a police officer."

The total weapon haul from the weekend was three semi-automatic handguns with extra magazines and one semi-automatic rifle with a 30-round magazine. The total spent was $2,800. No identification was given, leaving zero paper trails. The guns were turned over to CNN security to deal with.

Watch the video to see the gun show investigation, and then watch NRA President David Keene's response:

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