Bullies Tell Plus Size Woman She Doesn’t ‘Deserve’ Her Thin Boyfriend So She Hits Back

Everyone likes to take pictures with their loved ones during the holidays. Around New Year’s, there are a million photos floating around social media of couples and families.

Melissa and her boyfriend Johnathan were excited to post images of themselves looking cute together on New Year’s Eve. After posting a picture on Instagram, though, Melissa got messages from strangers shaming her for her appearance.

These bullies decided they needed to tell Melissa that she didn’t “deserve” her boyfriend, solely because he’s thinner than she is.

Melissa, who is a body-positive activist, hit back at the bullies. She’s obviously aware that she and her thin boyfriend have different body types, but that doesn’t matter when it comes to the way they feel about each other.

Now, Melissa’s fans are sticking up for her as well, and complimenting her and her boyfriend on how cute they are together.

Thumbnail Photo: Instagram / yourstruelymelly

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Source : https://www.littlethings.com/plus-size-activist-thin-boyfriend/

Bullies Tell Plus-Size Woman She Doesn’t ‘Deserve’ Her Thin Boyfriend So She Hits Back
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