Bree Wijnaar

Clémentine Desseaux

"Wearing a swimsuit is probably the most challenging thing to do for most women, and it was for me, too, for the longest time. I grew up having insecurities with my body. From age 10 through 22, so most of my life, I tried dieting; I was trying to look like someone else or be something else. Until I moved to Miami, I was only accustomed to wearing a swimsuit three or four times a year, so I was quite stressed about showing my body and people being able to see my cellulite, which I usually hide under pants and dresses, or my belly that I cant suck in all the time. France (where I'm from) is so narrow-minded, and a country where looking like me is a problem. In Miami, everyone was free and wearing bikinis at whatever size. It was very liberating to see that and realize that I wasn't that different or abnormal, that I could just be myself.

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