Best Of OKC 2017

So many nominees, so hard to choose. I’ve been surprised by the Celtics’ resiliency in not just surviving but thriving after the Gordon Hayward injury, by Toronto’s offensive overhaul, and by the Bulls’ anti-tanking performances and solid play by the guys they got back in the Jimmy Butler trade. I’m surprised Houston had such little trouble meshing All-Stars and that Oklahoma City did. I’m surprised neither the Wizards nor the Bucks has demonstrated proper urgency for their ambitions.

It surprises me that the Lakers have let this Big Baller nonsense fester so deep into the season, and that current players and referees think the tension between their groups is some sort of millennial problem, rather than the natural order that has ebbed and flowed across decades.

But my No. 1 surprise based on 2017-18’s first half is how quickly and effectively Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis shut up the wailers about the OKC-Indiana deal built around that other guy.

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