Ashley Graham: ‘Supermodels Should Be Admired For Their Actions, Not Their Looks’

Ashley Graham hopes the generation of supermodels in 2018 become known for their positive actions rather than solely for their appearances.

The 30-year-old star has made waves in the fashion industry, becoming the first plus-size model to pose for Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue in 2015 and striking various collaborations with the likes of Swimsuits for All and Marina Rinaldi.

Looking ahead to the future stars of fashion, Ashley is confident that inclusivity will continue to rise, and also stressed the importance that personality plays in their overall reputation.

“I think that in the curvy world, what you see when you see a model is an hourglass, flat stomach, cute face… and I think that (we should be) looking beyond a body, looking beyond a face, looking at what a woman is actually doing, and how she’s changing the world around her,” Ashley told “That’s what, to me, a supermodel is in 2018.”

Ashley also urged more designers to take curvier ladies into account when creating their clothes, adding, “I think if designers start thinking that way, then that’s how the change really happens. And that’s where you see the movement really not being a movement, but being really normal.”

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Ashley Graham: ‘Supermodels should be admired for their actions, not their looks’
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