Ashley Graham Told \'you\'ll Never Be Skinny, So Stop Trying\' By Troll On Instagram

Just for the record, Ashley Graham isn’t exercising to fit in with the thin. The model opened up on Instagram about the hate thrown her way whenever she posts an exercise video.

“EVERYTIME after I post a workout video I get comments like..” Graham began her post before quoting critics. “You’ll never be skinny, so stop trying” is one of the comments she’s read. “Don’t workout too hard, you’ll get skinny,” “you still need your fat to be a model,” and “why would you want to [lose] what made you famous” are all examples of critiques she gets.

But she’s not going to stand for unsolicited and uninformed criticism anymore. “Just for the record,” she wrote, before listing all the reasons she works out, which include staying healthy, feeling good, getting rid of jet lag, clearing her head, showing big girls they can “move like the rest of em,” staying flexible and strong, and having more energy. “I don’t workout to [lose] weight or my curves, bc I love the skin I’m in,” she concluded the post.

It seems like she got the message across, as there are almost no negative comments. Instead, fans are thanking her. “Tell em! Thanks for being relentlessly you Ashley. I’m continually encouraged!” one follower gushed. “Thank you for turning negative comments into a teaching moment…loads of love,” another wrote. “Why are there so many haters? Women have to be better and uplift each other. Thank you for always doing just that,” said someone else.

Others are upset she had to defend her motivation for exercising in the first place. “Why do people have to be so hateful. Spread the love and lose the hate,” a commenter said. “Why do u need to explain to anyone why you exercise??? You exercise because you want to…. End of discussion….” another proclaimed.

Graham has to deal with this type of criticism frequently as she posts workout videos every few weeks. In fact, she posted one on Sunday, which prompted the backlash. “Gettin that right with @christine_grubbs #sundaymorning#curvyfit,” she captioned the post. While most of the comments were supportive, there were a few naysayers. “Nice …but i though she was happy with body… I’m glad she’s working out,” one person wrote. “Don’t be getting too skinny on me Ashley. I love you because of your curves!” wrote another. “Trying to get rid of those hip dips okay girl.”

Of course, her fans jumped to her defense. “She is happy with her body. She is doing what everyone should do which is work out. It is called being healthy. Just because a girl is plus size does not mean she does not take care of herself.”

Add this to our list of motivational moments courtesy of Graham.

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