Ashley Graham Reveals Her Fans Love To Talk About Her Cellulite On Social Media

She may be used to flaunting her body for a living, but >Ashley Graham

, 29, is not afraid to discuss the so-called flawless parts with her fans. “I have used social media as a way to connect with my fans to really know what they want me to talk about,” the model EXCLUSIVELY told “And what they want to talk to me about is cellulite and back fat. That is why I post stuff like, ‘Today they are calling me brave because I posted a photo of my cellulite!'” Ashley is setting an example for young women who may suffer from their own body image issues and wants to let them know that it’s okay to not look perfect. “The majority of women have cellulite and I am not going to hide behind photoshop or retouching.” she continued. “So if the paparazzi gets my cellulite on my big ass, so be it and I will post it.” See some of Ashley’s hottest photos here!

Ashley has been a powerful voice in the model industry. This isn’t the first time she’s spoken out about being comfortable in her own skin. Although she works out hard at the gym, she has stated that she doesn’t do it to lose weight and instead does it to feel healthy. Her role model status is taking hold of fans everywhere and her goal to inspire others to be confident with their body is definitely no small feat!

Despite being criticized on a consistent basis, Ashley loves showing off her impressive photo shoots and proves that nothing is better than radiating with a confident glow. Whether she’s on the runway or just taking a daily stroll, it’s good to know she likes the way she looks. We look forward to her continuing to inspire on her social media and beyond!

HollywoodLifers, how do you feel about Ashley’s brave feelings about her cellulite? Tell us your thoughts here!

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