As Stores Charge More For Curvy Ranges, We Ask Whether Plus Size Shoppers Should Pay A Fat Tax For Their Clothes

Theresa May today unveiled a 25-year plan to eliminate all 'avoidable' plastic

  • A consultation will be held on levying┬ácharge on plastic cups and cutlery too

  • The Prime Minister also called on┬ásupermarkets to create 'plastic free aisles'

  • She will extend the 5p carrier bag charge to all retailers, including corner shops

  • By Tim Sculthorpe, Deputy Political Editor For Mailonline and Kate Ferguson, Political Correspondent For Mailonline

    Published: 05:52 EST, 11 January 2018 | Updated: 13:45 EST, 11 January 2018


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    Are disposable forks and straws next to be hit by charges? May unveils proposals for a levy on ALL disposable packaging as part of her war on plastic
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