Amy Schumer Might Have A New Boyfriend: 5 Things To Know About Chef Chris Fischer

His Cookbook Is Critically-Acclaimed (and the Obamas Love His Restaurant!)

Chris won the coveted James Beard award in 2016 for his Beetlebung Farm Cookbook, and 

Barack Obama and 

Michelle Obama consider his former restaurant at the Beach Plum Inn their favorite date night spot on Martha's Vineyard. Additionally, Fischer moonlights as a part-time instructor for Boston University's Food & Wine program

Of Course, There Is an Ex-Girlfriend

Esquire took a tour of Fischer's farm in 2013, where he introduced the lifestyle publication to his then-girlfriend. They'd been together for at least "a couple of years" at the time, and she worked with him on the farm. "It's fun when we design menus together," Chris explained. "She grows the food, we harvest it together and come up with a concept for the food, and then she prints the menu and I have no idea what it's going to look like. And then it blows me away every time."

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Amy Schumer Might Have a New Boyfriend: 5 Things to Know About Chef Chris Fischer
Amy Schumer Dating Chef Chris Fischer — Here Are 5 Things To Know About Her New Man!
Amy Schumer Spotted Enjoying Romantic Date With Chef Chris Fischer
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