Amazing Plus Size Swimwear For Plus Size Women

Knowing your body shape is the key to finding the perfect costume! Not only will you be comfortable because the costume is flattering, but you'll love knowing that you're displaying your naturally gorgeous features. You'll love showing off your full hips and lean legs when you wear one of these plus size Halloween costumes for women. From the moment you put on a curve-hugging dress with all the included accessories, you'll instantly feel beautiful. Just check out the types of body shapes listed below and find the one that best describes your body. Most women fall into these five basic shapes that we've outlined. Don't fret if your exact type isn't represented in the images below; just choose the shape that you feel best matches your assets. Next, pick out a costume that you like, then get out there and get the party started!

Apple Shape Body Type

"Apple Shape" ladies carry most of their weight through their midsections.

Empire Waists

Tops or dresses that have a seam just under the bust will detail the smallest part of your torso and flow smoothly over any trouble areas.


Layer structured pieces, such as jackets and corsets, to help shape your waist. Use heavy fabrics that will hold their shape and provide additional support.

Feminine Details

Use loose and easily-draped fabrics at the neck line to add feminine touch to structured pieces.


Show off your shapely legs with asymmetrical skirts, pencil skirts, or straight leg pants.

Avoid: Waist-cinching tops that will add volume to your tummy and draw attention away from your great legs.

Inverted Triangle Body Type

"Inverted Triangle" gals carry most of their weight on their upper body.


Break up wide shoulders with deep V-neck tops and dresses. Use dark colors and clean lines on your top half to avoid adding volume to your look.

Seamed and Drop Waists

Create the illusion of feminine hips with the flowing fabrics and gathered seams worn just below the natural waist. Peplums are a great way to get a nipped-in look for your waist.

Full or Flared Skirts

Balance your body with ruffled seams and mermaid silhouettes. Skirts that gently flare out at the waist and flow softly over hips will create movement for feminine curves.

Avoid: High necklines, such as crew or turtlenecks, which create visual bulk on your upper body. Also, high-waisted bottoms will cut your torso awkwardly, creating an out-of-proportion look.

Pear Shape Body Type

"Pear Shape" women carry more weight on their lower body.

Wide Neck Tops

Use off-the-shoulder, boat, scoop, and V-neck tops to help create the appearance of broader shoulders and a balanced lower half. This will help achieve that hourglass shape.

Fitted Tops

Show off the trimmest part of your body with tops that have bright colors and feature fitted waists.


Structured jackets and lightweight cardigans will add definition to your shoulders and nip in your waist.

A-Line Skirts

Choose skirts that flare out from the widest part of your body. This will highlight your trim waist and flow over your curves for a feminine look.

Avoid: Oversized tops that have no shape or structure. Clingy fabrics on the bottom will over emphasize your lower half.

Column Shape Body Type

"Column Shape" gals carry their weight evenly throughout their torso.


Create dimensions and added curves with lightweight fabrics which drape softly over trouble areas.

Open Neckline

Boat neck or off-the-shoulder neck lines will attract the eye upward to your face and balance the fullness of your torso.


Tops that nip in at the waist or are belted help to accentuate your bust and create more curves. Ensure that you are defining the smallest part of your torso, which is usually under the bust at the rib cage.

Straight Bottoms

Use skirts and pants that flow gently from the widest part of your waist. This will elongate your legs and flow over your tummy. Also, patterns and dark colors will help lengthen your lower half.

Avoid: Clingy or tight styles. Also, garments with harsh lines will make you look overly structured.

Hourglass Shape Body Type

"Hourglass" figures are evenly proportioned on the top and bottom with a defined waist.

Wrap Styles

Wrap tops and dresses flatter your defined waist and glide over hips and bottom for graceful movement.

Tailored Tops

Use the structure of jackets and button-down tops to accentuate your waist. Corsets and belts also help to draw attention to your natural curves.


Pick skirts and dresses that hit at the thinnest part of your leg for a long lean look. This is generally just below the knee or right at the ankle. This trick creates the illusion of thinner legs.

Avoid: Bulky and shapeless garments. They will hide your natural curves and make you look boxy.

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