A Designer Has Launched A Stunning Jewellery Line For Plus Size Women

If you’ve ever felt the pain of purchasing a necklace, ring or bracelet that you have to squeeze around your a part of your body, hoping it doesn’t cut off your blood circulation in the process, you’ll know that often, a ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t work for everyone.

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But you can now bid farewell to trying on every piece of jewellery in the jewellery shop in hopes of finding something that fits, as Universal Standard, a brand that specialises in clothes for sizes 10-28, has just launched a plus-size accessories line for curvier women.

The plus-size accessories line was launched by Universal Standard’s co-founder Alexandra, who told Glamour that the line was inspired by her own difficulties finding jewellery that fit perfectly.

>>>A designer has launched a stunning jewellery line for plus-size women
Universal Standard’s rings will help you avoid those horrible ring marks on your fingers (Picture: Universal Standard)

Knowing that incorrectly-fitting accessories can be less flattering to a woman’s figure, Alexandra wanted to create something that all women felt comfortable wearing.

She told Glamour: ‘I know from personal experience that finding beautiful modern pieces of jewellery that fit and look native to my body type is nearly impossible.

‘Even longer necklaces don’t fall in the right spot on the front of the body -everything tends to look clipped, cheap, or semi-disposable.

>>>A designer has launched a stunning jewellery line for plus-size women
No more strangling necklaces! Say hello to the plus-size necklace… (Picture: Universal Standard)

‘I’m a grown woman – I don’t want to wear an adjustable ring that I have to squeeze together around my finger.’

The new plus-size jewellery collection will feature necklaces, chokers, bracelets, earrings and rings, which are all designed to fit comfortably and look flattering on a larger body.

Most of the accessories have been made using platinum, and feature little embellishment in hopes of portraying a minimalist feel.

>>>A designer has launched a stunning jewellery line for plus-size women
Bangles that won’t cut off your blood circulation. Brilliant. (Picture: Universal Standard)

Alexandra added that her goal using these materials was to provide people with pieces that looked luxury, while making sure they were ‘uncomplicated’ but ‘full of subtle drama’.

The limited-edition jewellery, which is designed in the US, is priced between $40 (£30) and $70 (£50) making it totally affordable and competitive with other jewellery sellers.

Alexandra said: ‘We set out to make beautiful, affordable pieces for women who have gone without them for far too long.

>>>A designer has launched a stunning jewellery line for plus-size women
(Picture: Universal Standard)

So far, the jewellery has been such as success that pieces are already selling out. However, pieces will be repeatedly coming back in stock, so if you see something you out of stock that you like, you can add it to your wishlist and be reminded as soon as it’s available to buy once more.

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We think Universal Standard’s plus-size accessory line is a great step forward in offering women a way out of trying on every piece of jewellery in store before settling on something slightly uncomfortable.

We just hope other local, high street stores will follow in the footsteps of Universal Standard too.

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A designer has launched a stunning jewellery line for plus-size women
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