A Trap Set For Catholic Conservatives

Elisabeth Dias at Time magazine reported this week on a letter from a group of evangelicals who advise President Donald Trump. The letter was sent to Pope Francis requesting a meeting. I have a message for Pope Francis too: Don’t do it! Better to meet with the dubia cardinals than with these pastors who seek to give cover to a presidency that is repulsive to almost everything we Catholics believe about the social and political significance of the Gospels. It is a trap. The outlines of the trap were set forward in the very same article that provoked the letter: the Civilta Cattolica article by Fr. Antonio Spadaro and Presbyterian Pastor Marcelo Figueroa that discussed the alliance of conservative Catholics and fundamentalist evangelicals, and the regrettable consequences of that alliance. I have written about that article extensively and need not revisit my arguments here except to note that the signatories of the letter demonstrate better than any argument I can make how right Spadaro and Figueroa are. (READ MORE)



Source : http://skywatchtv.com/2017/08/13/national-catholic-reporter-warns-petrus-romanus-not-meet-trumps-evangelicals-trap/

NATIONAL CATHOLIC REPORTER Warns Petrus Romanus: Do Not Meet With Trump’s Evangelicals! It’s A Trap!
A Trap Set for Catholic Conservatives
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