A Brief History Of Women In Computing

Watching Hillary Clinton’s rise to presidential nominee has been inspiring. But as I stop to consider how groundbreaking this moment is, I realize how far we still have to go. Recently, at an Alphabet shareholders meeting, one investor addressed Ruth Porat as the “Lady CFO,” causing a massive social media backlash and the creation of “Lady Day.” The response was humorous, but the incident is a reminder that gender equity continues to plague the private sector. According to Google’s own diversity statistics, women make up only 30% of its workforce and only 22% of its leadership. Those numbers certainly rang true to my own experiences in the tech world. After earning my PhD in Computer Science, working at the NSA, protecting online accounts at eBay, and launching my own cyber security company, I am very, very familiar with what it feels like to be the only woman in the room.

Source : http://www.salon.com/2016/06/30/one_is_not_enough_a_brief_history_of_womens_firsts_and_why_this_is_just_the_beginning/

One is not enough: A brief history of women’s firsts and why this is just the beginning
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