9 Items Powerful Women Never Wear To Work

Create instagram and facebook accounts. Create unique looks and become a very talkative person. Big tattoos are back in fashion recently. Find someone weird enough to be wiling to photograph you often. No bigger photographic skills needed. Create events where people come to ride with you. Inform people about your events through Facebook. Steal a few pictures of people riding fast, add colorful text written with weird fonts, post on FB. Go to the event, make your photographer take lots of pictures of you with people. If they showed up to your event it means they highly probably suck so you come out as a teacher who knows what it's all about. Post pictures on Facebook and instagram afterwards, with appropriate captions like: "great day with crazy people on bikes". It is good to suck up to a local shop or two, so they help you with your social media coverage through their channel. Show up to shop rides. They may even give you a 30% discount in March while others have to wait until September. So you can call yourself sponsored. Ride a lot with your photographer, post pictures from your rides. Do not post pictures of your riding, after all since you don't get clothing for free, you suck at riding. So keep people in doubt, make them believe you can. So post pictures of you looking far away, fixing a puncture, being covered in mud etc. Every second week, post an inspirational meme with landscape in the background. Like: we don't escape to nature, we come back to it. Or: "money don't buy happyness but they buy bikes and thats..." (sorry I almost threw up in my mouth...) elfies, lots of selfies. And then the most important bit: the hashtags... billions an billions and billions and billions and billions and billions of hashtags. Off course nobody clicks any of them but it makes you look like a pro rider.

Here. Key to success. Now it's time to write to a company of your choice and say what you are doing, how motivated and passionate you are so they send you stuff to "test". It may be easier to just buy them, but then you don't get your moment of fame

Source : https://www.pinkbike.com/news/7-womens-kits-to-keep-you-warm-from-fall-to-winter-2017.html

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