50 Creative Places To Buy Your Wedding Dress

"My friend got married around age 21. Neither he nor the bride had much money, so the wedding was modest, but still very nice. They did have a lovely three-tier cake though.

The ceremony goes fine and 'the bride will cut the cake' music is playing. She was a dainty, tiny little thing, maybe 5'2" and 100 pounds soaking wet. If she swatted a fly it might not even notice. She approaches the cake with the knife, barely touches it and BOOM! the whole thing immediately collapses, all three tiers somehow, all over someone's elderly grandmother who was seated right by the ill-fated cake.

That old lady, who had barely moved throughout the whole affair, shot out of her chair like she was fired from a cannon, screeching bloody g-------- murder and sending cake shrapnel all over those nearby. Another close friend and I watched the whole thing from close range and were paralyzed and purple from hysterical breathless laughter, as were many of the other guests.

I later heard the bakery refunded them for the cake due to its not-up-to-code construction. They should have charged them double for generating memories that no one there will ever forget." - Redditor Yerkin_Megherkin


Source : http://www.businessinsider.com/what-is-the-worst-thing-you-have-seen-at-a-wedding-2017-10

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