4 Signs You Shouldn\'t Apply For The Job, No Matter How Good It Sounds

When considering whether to apply for a job, Augustine said, most people overlook the possibility of being overqualified. But she said it's "just as much of a concern for a hiring manager" as being under-qualified.

For example, if the job description lists three to five years' experience and you have 10, you probably shouldn't waste your time applying. That's because the level of responsibility — and the compensation — associated with the position aren't suited to someone at your level. Meaning the hiring manager may skip right over your application.

What's more, applying to a job you're overqualified for can hurt your chances of ever getting a job at that company. The hiring manager may remember that you didn't read the job posting carefully.

Source : http://www.businessinsider.com/signs-you-should-not-apply-for-a-job-2017-12

4 signs you shouldn't apply for the job, no matter how good it sounds
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