3 Ways You\'re Sabotaging Your Body\'s Internal Clock (And Why It\'s Making You Feel Terrible)

Psychologists say you should only use your bed for sleep and sex, especially if you are someone who who struggles to calm your mind when trying to rest.

6. Trying to go to bed too early

Getting into bed too early can be counterproductive if you aren't tired. If you can fall asleep, that's fine, but sometimes an attempted early bedtime can result in a frustrating effort to fall asleep that will wind up getting you get all worked up about the fact that you can't sleep.

That's a bad spiral to go down. If you start feeling annoyed that you're not falling asleep, stop trying so hard. The Ohio Sleep Medicine Institute recommends that "patients should not 'catastrophise' when faced with a 'bad night'".

Instead of worrying about how awful your day is going to be because you are tired, realise that you may be better able to sleep the next night because of it.

In situations where you can't get to sleep, some experts suggest getting out of bed and doing something relaxing. If that doesn't work, others say the best way to remove that anxiety is to try to lie there awake doing nothing, without worrying about whether you sleep.

7. Assuming you can get by on six hours of sleep

"Eight hours, that's crazy, I don't have time for that," you might think. "I get by just fine on five or six hours a night."

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