14 Incredibly Impressive Students At MIT

Class of 2015

When we think of 3D printers, we picture cartridge-sized robotic arms moving back and forth inside a small box. However, Nathan Spielberg helped develop a massive 3D printer with the aim of creating entire walls and other housing structures.

This robotic arm, dreamt up by Mediated Matter group's Steven Keating and Professor Neri Oxman, could revolutionize how homes are built. Spielberg worked with them to help solve the engineering and physics problems in building a large-scale 3D printer that doesn't sacrifice precision.

He now applies his knowledge of 3D printers to biology. In Professor John Hart's lab, Spielberg is attempting to streamline 3D printing processes in the production of a "lab on a chip." The device is a computer chip that can take a tiny sample of blood, run dozens of medical tests, and produce nearly instantaneous results.

After graduation, Spielberg hopes to pursue a graduate degree in mechanical engineering and ultimately become a professor.

Source : http://www.businessinsider.com/most-impressive-students-at-mit-2014-11

14 Incredibly Impressive Students At MIT
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15 incredibly impressive students at MIT
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