11.11, Eka, Maku: Slow Fashion For A Fast World

'What we do goes beyond fashion. With us, you are not buying a product, but a philosophy.'

Avantika Bhuyan reports on the flag bearers of the fashion philosophy India desperately needs.

Arundhati Roy in Eka by Rina Singh

Writer Arundhati Roy in an outfit by Eka, a slow fashion brand by Rina Singh.

The Booker Prize winner was one of Eka's earliest customers.

Photograph: @ekaco/Instagram.

Source : http://www.rediff.com/getahead/report/glamour-achievers-1111-eka-maku-meet-indias-slow-fashion-designers/20180207.htm

11.11, Eka, Maku: Slow fashion for a fast world
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