100 Years Of Collectible Chevrolet Pickup Trucks

There really aren’t any civilian trucks made between 1941 and 1945. In those years, Chevy was busy building about 450,000 military vehicles and 61,000 aircraft engines to win the war. In 1945 and 1946, when the firm got back to building trucks, it simply built more of the last 1941 models while retooling. But when the new trucks came out, they were breathtakingly good-looking and technically advanced. Chevrolet had begun the Advance Design work back in 1942, so the company was ready to move forward when all the returning soldiers went to buy trucks.

Advance Design trucks had larger cabs than previous models, with 12 inches of additional foot room and eight-inch wider seats with reclining backs. They also had larger windows all around. Moving the shift lever from the floor to the steering column in 1948 made it easier to seat three across in a Chevy, and a four-speed synchronized transmission was introduced in the same year.

Under the skin, the Advance Design trucks used a new and more robust frame so they could carry more cargo. Chevy also offered rubber bushings between the frame and the cab for a more comfortable ride. Telescoping tube shock absorbers were introduced in 1950, replacing the old lever-arm design.

The venerable Chevy Six was still the engine you got with a truck. The Chevy Six produced 90 horsepower for 1947, with a nominal bump to 92 in 1949. But the most momentous technical development of the Advance Design era came in 1954 with the availability of the Hydra-Matic automatic transmission. Once introduced, the automatic transmission was a game changer, allowing far more people to drive Chevrolet pickup trucks than ever before. However, the take rate on the automatic was still pretty low so finding one today could be tough.

Chevrolet’s Advance Design became the best-selling truck in America from 1947 to 1955. If you’re looking for the oldest Chevy truck that will be fun to drive on a modern road, this is it.

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100 years of collectible Chevrolet Pickup Trucks
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