10 Plus Size Icons That Are KILLING The Fashion Game


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Lauren Chan: Chan represents plus-size ladies on the runway as a former fashion model and she also helps make sure they’re represented in the pages of our magazines. As an editor at Glamour magazine, she's both a tastemaker and a body positive consumer, and her work reflects it. She's also not here for the haters. On a post to her Instagram page, she clapped back at those who trolled her following NYFW runway appearance, writing, “My whole body of work as an editor is focused on redefining the social norms about size and making women feel valued no matter what they look like.” She continued on to say that while she had never experienced backlash for including fellow curvy women in the pages of her magazine or helping designers expand their sizing options, putting herself out there in a bikini opened her up to a whole slew of negative backlash that she wasn’t about to put up with. “We are not here to be policed. We are not here to serve as sex objects. We are not here to keep quiet. We are not here to behave or talk in a way that makes you feel comfortable... If even one person reads this feminist statement and feels empowered, you lose.” (Photo via Craig Barritt/Getty)

Source : https://www.brit.co/plus-size-style-icons-for-2017/

10 Plus-Size Icons That Are KILLING the Fashion Game
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