10 Cropped Sports Bras That Are Flattering For Every Shape And Size

Finding the perfect sports bra can be tough—the straps have to fit just right, the cup size can’t be too big or too small, and it has to be snug but not too tight (the worst is when something looks cute and supportive, but fits terribly once you put it on).

We talked to top trainers to find out what they look for in a sports bra, whether they’re stretching it out in downward dog, running ultra-marathons, or just spending all day wearing the same bra while seeing clients.

For this year's , we tested hundreds of athlete- and trainer-approved apparel and gear to find the best of the best in each category. The experts we spoke to noted that a good sports bra should be supportive, comfortable (no chafing, please), and available in a variety of sizes to fit all body shapes.

From the yoga studio to the beach to a boxing class, we’ve got your girls covered.

Source : https://www.self.com/gallery/comfy-sports-bras-for-every-workout

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