\'I\'m Fighting Unfair Credit Card Charges\': Will You Be The Next Victim Of The NatWest Customer Meltdown?

By Sam Dunn for the Daily Mail > and Lee Boyce >

Published: 19:24 EST, 4 September 2012 | Updated: 04:54 EST, 5 September 2012





Shoddy service at  state-owned Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest has sparked a huge surge of complaints from customers furious at being treated as ‘second-class’ citizens.

Over the past few months, Money Mail has been deluged by letters about poor service. Most began before the bank’s catastrophic computer failure in June which left up to 12 million customers unable to make payments.

The problems are not focused on just one part of the bank and cover current accounts, savings, credit cards and branch service.

David Richards, pictured with wife Barbara, is disputing a £12 late payment fine with NatWest after a payment was taken from a closed credit card

'I was fined on a card I’d closed'

David Richards (pictured with wife Barbara) is disputing a £12 late payment fine with NatWest after a payment was taken from a closed credit card.

The 66-year-old from Chester, who has banked with NatWest for 18 years, had been sent a new NatWest World Mastercard credit card to replace an old one in April. His old credit card account was closed.

But two weeks ago he was hit with a £12 ‘default sum notice’ on the old card after a payment of £83.99 for insurance with the company CPP was taken.

Mr Richards says: ‘It appears NatWest authorised a payment of £83.99 from the old account for the insurance.

‘Not only that, I wasn’t informed by letter or statement that the closed account now had a balance owing — it was only the fine that alerted me.’

Source : http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/saving/article-2198244/Will-victim-NatWest-customer-meltdown.html

'I'm fighting unfair credit card charges': Will you be the next victim of the NatWest customer meltdown?
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