\'Eff Your Beauty Standards\': Meet The Size 26, Tattooed Supermodel Who Is Changing The Fashion Industry

She is, in the words of the photographer who has just shot her stark naked, ‘completely beautiful’. Beautiful, and big.

Holliday is a fulsome size 26, a modern-day Rubens painting come to life and tattooed for full 21st-century effect (look carefully and you will spot, amid the ink that covers much of her body, a picture of Miss Piggy, who Holliday calls her idol).

‘Their jaw will drop and they will stare blankly at me,’ she says, trying not to smile. ‘I can see the wheels turning, that they’re trying to work out if they’ve heard me correctly.’

They have. Because right now, Tess Holliday is one  of the biggest models on the planet – both  literally and metaphorically.

Eff Your Beauty Standards 

Last year Holliday became the first woman over a size 20 to be signed to a major modelling agency. Soon after, she graced the cover of People magazine.

‘The world’s first [US] size 22 supermodel!’ screamed the front page, her image dwarfing those of Charlize Theron and Salma Hayek, who had been relegated in importance to tiny puffs.

Her Instagram followers tipped the one million mark, more devotees to add to the legions of people who had responded to her #effyourbeautystandards campaign, which first launched her into the spotlight when she created the hashtag in 2012 as a way to show the middle finger to everyone who says you can’t be beautiful if you happen to be over a size 10.

Source : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/fashion/people/eff-your-beauty-standards-meet-the-size-26-tattooed-supermodel-w/

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